As your partners in wallbuilding, our approach to our customers is the basis of everything we do at H+H. This includes our actions to engage with both the spirit and the letter of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice, for the benefit of everyone, everywhere. 

H+H co-operates fully and maintains open relationships with all regulatory authorities. We assess the environmental effects of our products, projects, policies and operations with a view to reducing and controlling environmental impact. 

We also maintain an Environmental Management System throughout our production processes and sites, in conformance to ISO 14001, which addresses the use of energy, raw materials, air, water and waste. This system seeks to prevent pollution and limit as much as possible the environmental impact of our activities. We are constantly seeking to improve our environmental performance, where it is reasonably practical and economic to do so, and make every effort to remain transparent in this, through regular reporting. 

Should an environmental accident or emergency situation occur, we have contingency procedures in place. 

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