Have any consumers heard of the Green Deal? - by Mark Oliver

Green Deal launches for real on 28th January next year, when the first consumer finance plans can go live, to kick-start the mammoth task of making 25 million existing homes more energy efficient by 2050. I have concerns, that, unless consumers know about the Green Deal and what it’s trying to do, then take-up could be much slower than anticipated. It’s classic marketing, if people don’t know about something how can they buy it?

How long should a house last? - by Mark Oliver

The checklist for a new build is growing. Under the weight of increasingly stringent regulations, the industry is conducting scrupulous assessments of every material used, every measurement taken, every decision made. And yet no-one seems to require a minimum lifespan for a building.

Kn-Owen the Trade

The H+H Thin-Joint system is a modern method of construction that offers a whole range of benefits including simplicity of installation and design flexibility. As Owen Ongley puts it: "Thin-joint can really increase the quality of the build, especially for airtightness, if you have the right guys on it who know what they’re doing."

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