How Important is it for the UK to Have a Domestic Building Products and Materials Industry?

In September 2012 Vince Cable announced that the Government would be developing eleven sector strategies across key industries during 2013 with the aim of promoting both short and long term economic growth. The construction industry was selected as one of the eleven sectors and a Construction Industrial Strategy Advisory Council (CISAC), representing the breadth of the industry, will oversee and steer the development of the strategy out to 2025.

Comet, HMV, Jessops & Blockbusters - relevance to Builder’s Merchants - by Mark Oliver

The demise of previously leading retailers in their respective sectors, Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster, is largely blamed on their failure to adapt to online retailing. Commentators suggest that by not changing their business model to “clicks & bricks” (from “bricks & mortar”), as others like Tesco and Argos have done, these previously market leading, but now collapsed, companies missed a trick.

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