One House, Three Extensions

One House, Three Extensions

A triple extension on a private three bedroom home has been constructed using H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade with traditional mortar. The house in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, has been transformed over a three year period by Gill Building, which recently completed the final 3M x 10M extension on the rear of the house.

Homeowner Simon Carter specified H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade for the internal block work throughout the build due to their thermal qualities and ease of use.

Simon said: "I originally bought the house with an existing single story extension, which was later turned into a large double story to make way for two additional bedrooms. As a result of using Celcon Blocks, the house felt warmer so I wanted to continue using the same material throughout the entire project.

"I wanted my home to be energy efficient. By using Celcon Blocks I have achieved this and thanks to the new extensions, I have also installed solar panels."

Aircrete blocks have millions of tiny non-interconnecting cells that make up their structure, giving them a low lambda - the measure of thermal conductivity. They provide excellent insulation, therefore helping to reduce heat loss. Aircrete is also sufficiently lightweight for repeated lifting by a single operative under CDM regulations, saving time and keeping costs down.

Gerry Gill, the contractor said: "The third extension began in late September, but we were delayed a week during the build due to bad weather conditions. However, Celcon Blocks are light and easy to work with, so we were back on schedule in no time."

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