Comet, HMV, Jessops & Blockbusters - relevance to Builder’s Merchants - by Mark Oliver

The demise of previously leading retailers in their respective sectors, Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster, is largely blamed on their failure to adapt to online retailing. Commentators suggest that by not changing their business model to “clicks & bricks” (from “bricks & mortar”), as others like Tesco and Argos have done, these previously market leading, but now collapsed, companies missed a trick.

Embodied carbon - the next focus for the industry - by Mark Oliver

We are all familiar now with the arguments surrounding the need to reduce our carbon emissions. The building industry has responded impressively and new building techniques, as well as new materials, mean that it is quite possible to build houses that have almost no carbon emissions related to their heating needs.

Have any consumers heard of the Green Deal? - by Mark Oliver

Green Deal launches for real on 28th January next year, when the first consumer finance plans can go live, to kick-start the mammoth task of making 25 million existing homes more energy efficient by 2050. I have concerns, that, unless consumers know about the Green Deal and what it’s trying to do, then take-up could be much slower than anticipated. It’s classic marketing, if people don’t know about something how can they buy it?

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