Thin-Joint: Top Five Tips

The Thin-joint System is widely used across the UK and is the preferred method of building in much of Europe. It is designed for speed of build and air-tightness, whilst reducing cost, build time and waste on site. So, it is no surprise that knowing how to use this modern method of construction is a valuable skill to have.Here are my top tips to get you on your way:Use the correct toolsIn order to achieve the best results using the Thin-Joint System you need to use the correct tools. In doing so, you can prevent any irregularities or imperfections should

The British Economy is Recovering, the Future is Safe, or is it?

Since spring last year Britain has been in recovery mode. The country is slowly getting back on its feet after the worst recession in living memory. Surely that means our future as a world leading economy is secure. But is it? Perhaps we are simply climbing up a rather precariously balanced economic ladder and, similar to what happened in 2008, we will have another spectacular fall from grace.


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