An Insulating Material

As an environmentally friendly product, aircrete offers many benefits in construction that add to the sustainable credentials of the project, including thermal insulation, thermal mass and air-tightness.

The chemical reaction that forms aircrete's structure, results in each block being made up of millions of non-interconnecting cells. This structure is the source of many of the product benefits, it is lightweight and has the benefit of reducing the ability for anything to pass through the product.

This is further enhanced by the use of H+H's Thin-Joint masonry, which by reducing the thickness of the mortar joints from 10mm to 2mm and ensuring the joints are fully-filled, reduces the passage of anything from one side of the wall to the other.

Thermal Properties:

Aircrete products can help optimise thermal performance and reduce the need for additional insulation. They also offer enhanced thermal insulation when used in foundations and beam and block floors by reducing the heat that has passed from the heated structure to the outside environment.

Sound insulation:

Aircrete's structure reduces the passage of sound, with simple solutions using H+H products, comfortably exceeding the requirements of Building Regulations whether through Pre-Competition Testing or Robust Details thereby delivering real benefits to the environment, both at home and in the workplace.

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