Thermal Mass

The higher average temperatures that are expected because of climate change make summer overheating a potential problem. A requirement of AD ‘L' is that the designer must check for summer overheating.

Thermal mass is recognised as one means of reducing this effect. With masonry homes, the overall temperature is cooler since the Aircrete blocks absorb the heat in the daytime and release this stored heat at cooler times. Summer overheating is typically a problem for light framing systems.

Houses with higher mass also have a beneficial effect on the heating pattern in wintertime. By offering good thermal insulation, thermal inertia and airtightness properties, Aircrete reduces the extremes of the internal temperature within the building, keeping it at a more consistent, comfortable level, and reducing the highs and lows that would be seen in lighter structures with minimal thermal inertia or less thermally insulated heavier structures.

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