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Case Studies

A self-build six-bedroom detached property, nestled in rural Powys overlooking both the Severn Valley and Newtown. Using aircrete, a certified modern method of construction, main contractor B W Bellis was able to complete the blockwork on the large six-bedroom property within six weeks. Apart from some technical assistance from H+H on working with aircrete, all of the block work was laid by a single worker during this time.

H+H Celcon Blocks were specified for use on a 24-unit social housing development in Plymouth. H+H was chosen in part due to the lightweight properties and ease of use of the product as half of the units were constructed by veterans, many of whom had never worked on a construction site before.

Brian’s self-build project is constructed on a split-level, narrow site which meant due care and consideration had to be taken on the products used and how they would be delivered. H+H Jumbo Bloks Standard Grade were constructed on top of 65mm Marmox Thermoblocks with regular ongoing support from an H+H representative who was able to advise on the best way to work with the product. The inner leaf was constructed, insulation glued on and wall ties hammered in where appropriate. This whole process was expediated by using the Thin-Joint system: as H+H Celfix mortar sets incredibly quickly, with an initial set of 10 to 15 mins and full strength achieved within one to two hours, Brian was able to benefit from significantly improved build speed in comparison to the traditional forms of masonry he initially considered.

Building your own home can be an exciting, if somewhat, daunting experience that requires careful research and strict budget management. It was not a challenge self-builder Tony Wright and his wife Marilyn were prepared to shy away from.

Having used H+H’s Thin-Joint System for more than 10 years, Sherborne Homes again opted for this effective build system when working on their very first housing association project. The Thin-Joint System provides the Sherborne Homes contractors with a hassle free building solution and a great support package that allows for fast and effective construction. It is the tendency of Sherborne Homes to steer away from using timber frame and H+H products offer the perfect solution.

A four unit apartment block in an in-fill site. Built using the Thin-Joint method and Jumbo Bloks.

A private one-off custom-build residential home built for a family of four who had lived in Bourne End since 1985. They wanted to buy a new house in the area, having extended their existing bungalow three times, but could find nowhere suitable. This led them to look at custom building a new home on the existing bungalow’s plot.

A new Self-Build Bungalow built using the Rå Build method from H+H.

Contractor Robert Bishop from RT Bishop, required a swift construction solution as a replacement for timber frame that his team could successfully use to deliver the project on time. H+H’s Rå Build method, using the Thin-Joint System and a combination of H+H Jumbo Bloks and Celcon Foundation Blocks provided the perfect solution.

A mix of social and private homes, using the H+H Rå Build method of construction.

28 new houses built by Wates. The development made use of the Rå Build method of construction throughout and incorporated the 1000th home built using this method.

Known as the 'Miller Zero' project, the development was built for real customers, as well as a project to take its supply chain, on a journey towards Code level 6 on the 3.65 acre site.

A three-storey building comprises 21 one bedroom and 3 two-bedroom apartments, as well as secure parking facilities with 17 car park spaces.

New sustainable neighbourhood designed by Terence O’Rourke. Within this 6.9 hectare site to construct 430 dwellings aimed at first time buyers will provide new homes, an attractive open park and school with useful transport links for the local community.

These show homes by Crest were built using the Rå Build method of construction, ensuring a quicker than usual build time.

Cawrey Homes’ Fielding Meadow development is made up thirty two 2 and 3 bed semi-detached and four 4 bed detached homes. All the homes are built to level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Craven Gardens is an exclusive development of eight detached four and five bedroom homes set in the gardens of a former hunting lodge located in the historic market town of Melton Mowbray, using Jumbo Bloks and the Thin-Joint System.

Contractor R G Carter wanted a construction solution that was more adaptable than a timber frame system, which would allow late design changes to be incorporated into this innovative housing development without too much difficulty.

A mixed-use development using H+H Jumbo Bloks with Thin-Joint technology, creating 114 homes.

Celcon Plus blocks (610 x 215, 200mm thick) with the Thin-Joint System were used to infill the reinforced concrete frame of this development in Hackney.

A four storey development built with H+H Multi Plates, using the Thin-Joint method of construction.

Badby Park is a unique facility dedicated to neurological illnesses and disorders, providing specialist nursing and rehabilitation in the vicinity of Northampton.

This was phase two of a multi-staged project to build new council homes on existing council-owned land. Typical sites for the project included disused garages and areas of waste ground between developments. The dwellings were all built to Code Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Although in advance of the existing building regulations, this objective fitted with the government aim of encouraging government agencies to increase standards of sustainability.

To achieve this rating, the construction elements needed a high level of thermal insulation. The Rå Build method using the H+H Thin Joint masonry system was specified using Jumbo Bloks. Fully filled cavities were combined with either aircrete or brick outer leaves. This is not only an extremely fast and efficient method of building, but also provides substantial benefits in reducing heat loss. In designing the wall structure, the use of aircrete’s very low psi values, based on Accredited Construction Details, allowed a halving of the y-value from 0.08 to 0.04 W/m2K. This is used to calculate the impact of linear thermal bridging within SAP 2005. The 0.04 y-value is achieved by virtue of the thermal efficiency of aircrete, without the need to resort to Enhanced Construction Details, and has a similar effect on all external elements.

An entirely new house was built to accommodate the preferences of the family. An integral office replaced the original garage, a large kitchen provides living space for the family and the rooms in the roof give privacy and space for the daughter of the household. The client opted for thin-joint construction in order to capitalise to the maximum on the energy efficiency of aircrete construction.

H+H UK’s Plus Blocks using the Thin-Joint system meet the acoustic requirements internally and thermally insulates the external walls for a fast-track construction programme. After using on the first phase, this construction provided the advantage of speed against phase two’s summer holiday deadline.

Stondonfield is a contractor led social housing scheme whereby Collins and Beckett found the site and put together a complete package for the end client. It took a couple of years to get the project through planning due to objections by the local parish council that the land was outside allowed development areas.

Using the H+H Rå Build method of construction, this mix of 1 and 2 bedroomed apartments was built to provide case and support for independently living people with special needs.

An Eco friendly extension to this Primary School,built using H+H High Strength Celcon Blocks and Celcon Plus Blocks. Batheaston is a ‘Green Flag’ awarded primary school and is part of the international ‘Eco-Schools’ programme.The school was assessed to ensure it met the Green Flag checklist.

The SIG I-House System incorporating Celcon Elements has been specified for use on 164 units on the Norton Farm site in Bromsgrove. The I-House System, a collaboration between SIG Offsite and H+H UK, provides the speed of offsite construction with the familiarity of a traditional build.

A prestigious development of five luxury apartments constructed to Passivhaus principles using the H+H Thin-Joint System. Masonry Frame Systems specified H+H Jumbo Bloks primarily because it is what was needed to meet the demands of this Passivhaus construction.

Cameron Close is a Passivhaus development of 16 semi-detached houses and 12 sheltered accommodation apartments for Southern Housing Group in the rural village of Freshwater, Isle of Wight.

Passivhaus is achieved by the application of high levels of insulation, avoidance of thermal bridging within the structure, low levels of air leakage all of which are qualities addressed with the use of the H+H range of Celcon Blocks.  Faced with both brick and timber the bungalow has an external U-value of 0.096 W/m2K for the timber faced walls and 0.098W/m2K for the brick faced walls.

Built as a 19 bed mental health facility for young people built on the Princess of Wales Hospital site, Bridgend. Construction was managed by ABMU Health Board with the facility run by Cwm Taf Health Board. It accommodates patients from across South Wales and is a mixed sex unit, caring for young people.

Canning Ericsson demolished a bungalow which is replaced with a five unit apartment block, comprising two ground floor flats, two first floor flats and a top floor flat, incorporated into the building's pitched roof

A new extension to the hotel created using Celcon Blocks with traditional mortar and cavity wall insulation. Demolition of existing outbuildings of the Elme Hall Hotel, followed by construction of a 34 bedroom building. Being a hotel, acoustic considerations were of paramount importance as was robustness of construction materials.

This Care Home was built using the H+H Thin Joint aircrete construction method, with Jumbo Bloks and Celfix Mortar. Various different sized blocks were used depending on the structural loads.