As part of the decision making process the family had the previous house valued. At £350k it was lower than they had thought and confirmed the viability of a custom build.  The family had clear ideas regarding what they wanted for their new house. It had to be ‘green’ with low energy consumption, have high levels of environmental comfort and be built with solid concrete floors and masonry internal and external walls. Professional design advice was also sought and this suggested beam and block for the ground floor and concrete planks for the first floor.

Principle Contractor: Chris Page Building Contractors, 19 Blind Lane, Bourne End, Bucks
Client: Private family
Project: A one off custom built four bedroom home built on the site of an existing bungalow, which had been demolished
Project value: £260,000
Build method: Solid wall aircrete block construction with external wall insulation (EWIS). H+H Celcon Blocks Standard Grade were used throughout with traditional mortar
Location: Bourne End, Bucks
Type of contract: Simple written quote with any extras agreed before work commenced
Architect: Architectural Services and Consultancy, 1 Warren View Cottages, Holyport Street, Holyport, Maidenhead SL6 2JY
Aircrete contractor: Chris Page Building Contractors
Build time: August 2012 to April 2013