H+H products were selected for this project due to the aircrete’s high thermal performance which helps meet Passivhaus standards.

Architects: Parsons + Whittley Architects
Principle Contractor: Grocott and Murfit Ltd
Client: Private Clients
Project: Construction of a single bungalow, a two bedroom, single storey, mono pitched property built to Passivhaus standards 
Cost of Build: The total cost of the aircrete was £7350 with approximately 140m2 of aircrete.  Contract value - below £250,000
Location: Swaffham, Norfolk
Type of contract: JCT agreement for Minor works Contract 2011
Aircrete Contractor: Grocott and Murfit Ltd
Build time: Construction on the bungalow took 28 weeks to complete with the inner aircrete shell going up in three weekslime