Tony and Marilyn decided to use a combination of H+H Celcon High Strength Jumbo Bloks (7.3Nmm2) and H+H Celcon Standard Grade Blocks (3.6Nmm2) with Celfix Mortar, designed specifically for use as part of H+H’s Thin-Joint System. H+H’s Thin-Joint System is comprised of lightweight 100mm aircrete blocks and Celfix Mortar, producing masonry with a 2mm joint rather than the standard 10mm. 

Architect: Avalon Town Planning
Client: Tony Wright (Self-Builder)
Project Self-Build construction of a single two-bedroomed property
Cost of Build: Anticipated final cost £420,000
Location: Whalley, Clitheroe, Lancashire
Type of Build: Self-Build
Build Time: 10 months