The Thin-Joint system was chosen in particular for its speed of construction, which allowed follow-on trades to start work sooner in a weatherproof environment, whilst retaining the flexibility of on-site construction.

Principle Contractor: Masonry Frame Systems, Middlefield Lodge.
Client: Wye Manage Ltd, Olantigh Rd, Wye, Kent.
Project: A custom build development of five apartments constructed
to Passivhaus principles.
Location: Whitstable, Kent
Type of contract: Design and Build
Architect: Two architects worked on the development. Lee Evans
Partnership, St Johns Lane, Canterbury, Kent and local architects
Giarti, Thanet Way, Whitstable, Kent.
Aircrete Value: The total cost for the aircrete work was circa £150k.
Build time: The total build time was circa 12 months. Due to the
UK’s severe wet winter, much of the surrounding area was affected by
heavy rainfall resulting in construction work being set back slightly