Bottle Lane is a private custom build home designed and constructed by Revolution Homes.  The four-bedroom, detached house stands on the site of the client’s old property which was demolished to make way for a new more acoustically and thermally efficient build. As the client was overseas for the duration of the build, they wanted a company that could offer a full system build package from conceptual design to a finished product.  Specialists in the custom-build market, Revolution Homes was able to supply this by employing the H+H Rå Build method of thin-joint aircrete construction. 

Principle Contractor: Revolution Homes, Unit 9e, Vinnetrow, Business Park, Chichester, West Sussex, PO20 1QH
Client: Private individual
Project: Private one-off custom-build residential home
Build method: Rå Build system of aircrete blockwork construction with thin-joint Celfix mortar
Location: Bottle Lane, Littlewick Green, Maidenhead, Berkshire
Type of contract: Design and Build self build
Architect: Revolution Homes
Aircrete contractor: Revolution Homes
Build time: The project began in April 2012 and was completed in March 2013. The ten month build was completed while the client was overseas at a cost of £350,000 (not including land costs)
U-Value: The client was interested in a highly thermally efficient property which was a main reason aircrete was specified. The external walls recorded a U-Value of 0.18W/m²K