The Thin-Joint System provides the Sherborne Homes contractors with a hassle free building solution and a great support package that allows for fast and effective construction.  It is the tendency of Sherborne Homes to steer away from using timber frame and H+H products offer the perfect solution.

In its first project for a housing association, Sherborne Homes in Cheltenham, decided that the Thin-Joint System, provided by H+H, would be the ideal building solution. This was a design and build project for Sherborne Homes who created a bright modern finish using large floor to ceiling windows.

Sherborne Homes has an established relationship with H+H and has used the H+H Thin-Joint System in previous building projects. Due to previous positive experiences the team at Sherborne Homes were confident of again achieving pleasing results.  The Thin-Joint System was specified by Nick Sherborne. Celcon Foundation Blocks were used in conjunction with Celcon Plus Blocks.

The rapid rate at which the internal leaf of the building can be constructed using Celcon Plus Blocks and the Thin-Joint System is a large factor in Sherborne Homes’ continued use of H+H products.  Superb service was provided both prior to construction, and onsite, where H+H demonstrators assisted new staff members with the application process and training.

Principle Contractor: Sherborne Homes Ltd
Client: Severn Vale Housing Association and private owners
Project: Development of eight units for Severn Vale Housing Association: one, two and three bedroom homes built as a terraced block of units, a pair of semi-detached units and a single detached unit.
Cost of build: The cost of the build was estimated at £97.50 per square foot, totalling £539,212.81. The total cost of aircrete work was £31,124.45 including all materials and labour costs.
Location: Northway Lane, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8JH
Architects: SBC contracts, Cheltenham
Aircrete contractor: Sherborne Homes Ltd
Build Time: Work began on the project in May 2014 and lasted seven months