With its operational headquarters in Denmark, H+H owns manufacturing facilities across Europe specialising in the production of aircrete and calcium silicate building materials.

As of 2019 the H+H Group owns a total of 28 factories across Northern Europe, including a substantial manufacturing base in Poland, a state-of-the-art plant in Russia and eight manufacturing calcium silicate blocks in Germany and Switzerland.  The scale and range of the Group’s operations provides stability and expertise.Standard house designs and site practice vary hugely across Europe and H+H UK benefits from research and development carried out in other markets.  The Thin-Joint, Rå Build and Celcon Elements innovations were all developed in Europe and introduced into the UK with a proven track record of producing high-quality homes.While all aircrete products are manufactured primarily for use in the country of origin, minimising transport as far as possible, customers can be reassured that any temporary supply issues in one territory can be addressed by importing blocks if necessary.Below is a list of H+H Group companies:

Western Europe

H+H Belgien SPRL: Brussels, Belgium

H+H Danmark A/S: Århus, Denmark 

H+H Deutschland GmbH: Wittenborn and Hamm-Uentrop, Germany 

H+H Finland Oy: Helsinki, Findland 

H+H Benelux B.V: Nederweert, The Netherlands

H+H Sverige AB: Malmö, Sweden:

H+H UK Ltd: Borough Green and Pollington, UK

Eastern Europe

H+H Polska Sp. z.o.o.: Warsaw, Gorzkowice, Lidzbark, Skawina and Pulawy, Poland

H+H Slovenská republika s.r.o.: Senec, Slovakia


Board of Directors: