We at H+H manufacture Celcon Blocks for use with traditional mortar but we also offer an innovative Thin Joint System which brings specific benefits for the small developer. Thin Joint provides an environmentally sound masonry solution to delivering a modern home. Added to this Thin Joint retains the flexibility and robustness of a masonry build.To ensure that the use of Thin Joint is as 'hassle free' as possible , we at H+H have devised a competitive and simple method of procurement. On receipt of appropriate quality drawings we can calculate a “fixed” lump sum price for us to supply a package of materials for the project. This package would include the aircrete material, Thin Layer mortar, ancillary thin joint compatible ties, and normally dpc material, cavity tray material in roll form and even lintels for the aircrete blockwork if desired.

The “package principle” offers certainty around cost for the developer; as the price is not based on a cost per m2 but is a cost for the project and we will supply adequate materials for the works to be completed (based on drawings received and assuming reasonable wastage). Via a package sale we have access to the full range of H+H’s Thin Joint compatible products including our Multi-Plates (large format units for improved productivity at 610mm x 375mm) where appropriate.

After we’ve calculated the cost we’ll forward a clearly detailed estimate with marked up drawings confirming where an allowance has been made for materials. If this proves acceptable an order can then be placed via a builders merchant and the package of materials can then be despatched on H+H supplied lorries to the site (in mainland UK).

If you have a project where Thin Joint could be your build method and would like an estimate prepared please contact our estimation office on tel: 01732 880111 or email with the drawings to iot@hhcelcon.co.uk. Please note that we are unable to deal with extensions or refurbishment.

For more information or to discuss traditional blockwork, please call 01732 886444 or email info@hhcelcon.co.uk.

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