21st September 2010

Brightening an estimator's day

Estimator Mike Solomon of Clevedon based Russell Construction won top prize in the inaugural H+H Green Poll, an Apple iPod Touch. Mike took five minutes out of his busy schedule to offer his expert opinion on building to the highest levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Mike said, “there is currently no workable definition of zero carbon and the new housing minister needs to get this sorted out quickly or the house-building industry will find it difficult to build to a zero carbon standard, whatever the definition, by 2016. Russell Construction is regarded as one of the most ‘sustainable’ contractors in our region and I am convinced that there is a need to make new houses more energy efficient. Critical to this is the fabric of a building itself, as it is not viable to rely on micro-renewables alone when building to a zero carbon standard.”

Of course, H+H aircrete systems are ideal for building to zero carbon levels. Two houses have already been built to this standard by Barratt (a demonstration house at the BRE Innovation Park) and Miller Homes (Pinnacle Development, Basingstoke) as part of a development of homes for sale, meeting code levels 2, 3, 4 and 6.

The full results of the H+H Green Poll will be analysed and reported in the next issue of the H+H electronic e-zine due to be issued in October.