28th September 2021

H+H Appoints Sustainability Champion

Passionate about the need to reduce the environmental impact of all economic activity, Anna is equally committed to ensuring that H+H is ahead of the curve – acting responsibly and not waiting for legislation or market demand to force change.

Trained as an architectural technologist, Anna’s career history has focused on building sustainable homes. Joining H+H seven years ago was a decision based on the view that aircrete is a positive choice for sustainable building.

“Everyone has the right to a resilient, high-performing robust home that will last for centuries. As an industry it is our responsibility to help achieve that goal without further depleting the finite resources of the planet we inhabit.” 

The appointment coincides with the publication of the H+H Group Sustainability Strategy, which includes a commitment to zero carbon manufacturing. This detailed roadmap starts with a detailed life cycle assessment of aircrete’s carbon load and Anna is fully supportive of the Group direction.

“We have to be honest about where we start. Everything has a cost of carbon associated with it and positive choices can only be made when there are transparent and universally accepted methods for measuring and reducing carbon impact. As an industry we must lead with decisions based on sound data about what methods and materials can meet that objective.”

“Our focus on using science-based targets is the right way to determine the whole life cycle analysis.”

Reducing the immediate impact of manufacturing operations is one aspect of an environmental agenda but Anna’s role will be far more wide-ranging.

“It’s about doing the right thing” she says. “It’s not just about carbon. When you are using the earth’s resources you need to start thinking about putting back. We have to start putting back. It just can’t be business as usual because that’s just standing still.”

Sustainable building has been a goal for decades but there is a growing understanding of the need to keep moving and embed not just sustainable but regenerative principles into the housebuilding sector. The role of a sustainability champion is to keep exploring new thinking and stimulating positive change.  

Richard Allen of The Tavistock Institute defines sustainability champions as “people who work beyond individual projects, working system-wide to mobilise innovation across a large organisation.”

Anna’s ambition is to see H+H recognised as an exemplar organisation. To achieve this requires change across the company and Anna is part of team evaluating every aspect of the business operation to embed a culture of positive change.

MD Calum Forsyth recognises the need for a dedicated sustainability champion. “H+H Group has set the agenda, defining the journey for our organisation. What we need is a sustainability champion locally to address how we translate that overarching group policy into local action.  There could be no-one more committed to that goal than Anna.”