7th June 2016

H+H Online Academy

H+H is proud to announce that the H+H Academy is now available online to anyone wishing to learn more about our innovative aircrete material and construction methods.

As well as news, animations, case studies and product literature, the H+H Academy will host videos demonstrating the installation of various aircrete products. In addition, the H+H Academy hosts several e-learning interactive modules, providing an enjoyable and informative way of learning about aircrete.

There are currently two e-learning modules available in the H+H Academy, with plans to expand on these as the year continues:

  • What is aircrete?
  • How Aircrete is Used

These two modules are approximately 5 minutes in length, allowing anyone to get up to speed with aircrete rapidly. They also provide a perfect introduction into the world of aircrete, its unique properties, and how it can be used to save time and money whilst maintaining outstanding construction quality for your project.

To find out more about the H+H Academy and to begin learning about the products and services provided by H+H, go to www.hhacademy.co.uk