7th July 2017

Introducing the SIG I-House incorporating Celcon Elements

At H+H, we have been working tirelessly with SIG Offsite to create the next big innovation in housebuilding. The SIG I-House system incorporating Celcon Elements provides a way to build the entire weatherproof structure of a new home on site within one week.

The SIG I-House combines offsite construction techniques with traditional build methods, utilising Celcon Elements, our storey-height aircrete wall panels. This offers contractors a familiar material and a familiar build process alongside its tried-and-tested performance, but is delivered with the speed of offsite construction.

The aircrete panels are lifted into place by crane and supplemented with a timber cassette floor a roof structure which allows for the increased build speeds.

We believe this is the future for housebuilding in the UK, but don’t just take our word for it.  Watch the SIG I-House animation for yourself and see step-by-step how H+H and SIG are working to build better homes for the future.


For more information on the SIG I-House incorporating Celcon Elements take a look through the brochure or contact a member of our team on 01732  880580.