H+H UK will comply with the spirit as well as the letter of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and will co-operate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities.We will assess the environmental effects of our products, projects, policies and operations with a view to reducing and controlling environmental impact. We will also maintain an Environmental Management System (IMS) throughout our production processes and sites, in conformance to ISO 14001.

The System addresses the use of energy, raw materials, air, water and waste and seeks to prevent pollution and limit the environmental impact of the company's business activities. H+H UK will develop contingency procedures to deal with environmental accidents and emergency situations.

It will evaluate, control and reduce, wherever reasonably practicable, noise generated within its various sites as well as the escape of noise to the immediate environment.  Seeking to continually improve environmental performance, where it is reasonably practical and economic to do so is a main aim for the company.

H+H UK will foster an understanding of environmental issues arising from our business activities amongst employees, suppliers, contractors, customers, shareholders and also within the local community. We will report publicly on our environmental objectives and performance as and when required.

Environmental Improvement Teams at each site will be responsible for formulating and implementing a programme of objectives and targets consistent with the H+H UK environmental policy. The teams will make regular reports to our Board, who will review the policy on an annual basis, in the light of management reviews of the Environmental Management System.