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    Aircrete blocks from H+H offer a complete building material. All Celcon Blocks are BBA certified, are fire resistant and have been classified 0 surface spread of flame and non-combustible to Class A1. The materials used in the manufacture of H+H Aircrete are pulverised fuel ash (PFA), sand, cement, lime, water. As an environmentally friendly product, aircrete offers many benefits in construction that add to the sustainable credentials of the project, including thermal insulation, thermal mass and air-tightness. At H+H we are currently supplying aircrete blocks for wall constructions acheiving a U-value of 0.18W/m2/K – considerably more efficient than is required by the most recent revision of Part L. The chemical reaction that forms aircrete's structure, results in each block being made up of millions of non-interconnecting cells. This structure is the source of many of the product benefits, it is lightweight and has the benefit of reducing the ability for anything to pass through the product.

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      H+H is the UK's largest manufacturer of aircrete products. We manufacture the market leading range of Celcon Blocks, including Foundation Blocks, Plus Blocks and the H+H range of aircrete products.

      • Celcon Blocks

        Celcon Blocks in Solar, Standard and High Strength grades are the most commonly used aircrete block in the H+H range.

      • Celcon Block Solar Grade

        Celcon Blocks Solar Grade is principally used Celcon Block Solar Gradewhere enhanced thermal performance is required.

      • Celcon Block Standard Grade

        Celcon Blocks Standard Grade is BBA certified and has a compressive strength of 3.6N/mm2. Due to its all round performance, it is possible for a 100mm Standard grade Celcon Block to be used throughout a build, eliminating on-site confusion.

      • Celcon Block High Strength and Super Strength Grade
      • Celcon Plus Blocks

        Celcon Plus Blocks are an alternative to the 440 x 215mm face format block and are suitable for the same applications. They are longer at 630mm long and come in a variety of thicknesses.

      • Celcon Foundation Blocks

        Available in Standard Grade (3.6N/mm²) and High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm²), Foundation Blocks can be used to support 3 storey constructions. They are suitable for the support of solid or cavity walls, framed construction or suspended floors, including beam and block.

      • Beam & Block Floorblock

        Beam and Block floors are constructed using Celcon Blocks. They are lightweight, so easier, quicker and safer to lay and allow for an economy of scale and reduction in laying times.

      • Multi Plates

        H+H Multi Plates are a new generation of aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction.

      • Jumbo Bloks

        Jumbo Bloks are produced with the latest technology, offering a high degree of dimensional accuracy with sharp arises, which make them ideal for use with Celfix mortar.

      • Celcon Elements

        H+H Celcon Elements are a new generation of mechanically handled aircrete products that build on the efficiency of thin layer construction.

      • Celcon Block Coursing Units

        Coursing Units are produced from the same material as all H+H aircrete and are suitable for the same applications as conventional size Celcon Blocks, allowing consistency within the building fabric.

      • Celfix Mortar

        Designed to replace the traditional sand:cement mortar and is used with building with our Thin-Joint System. Celfix Mortar starts to set within 10 minutes of application and approaches full design strength in just 1 to 2 hours.

    • By Method

      The H+H Thin-Joint System complies with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) definition of a Modern Method of Construction (MMC) and incorporates house-building techniques by combining traditional components in innovative ways.

      • Traditional Mortar System

        As a general rule cement:lime:sand mortars give a stronger bond than plasticised mortars of a similiar compressive strength.

      • Thin-Joint Method

        The H+H Thin-Joint system combines the Celcon Plus, Jumbo Blok or MultiPlate ranges of high quality, accurately dimensioned aircrete blocks with a specially developed Thin-Joint mortar (called Celfix).

      • RåBuild House

        The RåBuild House is a quick and efficient way to build, giving a weather tight masonry shell within days and is achieved quickly and efficiently by a single team of expert installers.

      • Commercial and Public Buildings

        H+H aircrete is produced to meet our own exacting quality standards as well as contributing to meet the requirements of Building Regulations.

    • By Application

      Aircrete is a versatile, light and easy to use product, which is used in a multitude of applications – it has even been known to be made into furniture and carved into totem poles.

      • Foundations

        When used below DPC level, H+H's range of Foundation Blocks can significantly improve thermal performance and reduce heat loss from ground floors, which is most critical at their perimeter. Designed for foundations and footings, H+H Foundation Blocks are suitable for the support of cavity walls, solid walls and timber-framed construction and their use will reduce the need for additional insulation.

      • External Walls: Solid Wall Construction

        Traditionally, water penetration precluded the building of solid walls, but H+H aircrete has changed that perception. Solid walls are therefore proving to be a fast and efficient method of wall construction. This method of build also easily meets the requirements of Part C of the Building Regulations.

      • External Walls: Cavity walls

        In an external cavity wall construction each leaf predominately meets specific requirements. The external leaf protects the structure from the penetration of moisture, whilst the inner leaf provides the main structural support of the building. Celcon Blocks fulfil both of these requirements.

      • Internal Partition Walls

        Celcon Blocks are ideal for use in partitions between rooms and for separating walls between flats, apartments and houses.

      • Floors

        Beam and block floors can be constructed using Celcon Blocks. They are lightweight which gives them an advantage when looking for a quicker and safer laying method. They help with economies of scale and reduce laying times.

    • By Sector

      At H+H we pride ourselves on delivering quality aircrete products and services to every sector within the building industry. Whether required for an extension, a new housing development, commercial or industrial premises, H+H aircrete has a product to suit.

      • Private Housing

        H+H has been producing aircrete for the private housing market since the first factory was opened in 1958. We have developed relationships with all the major house builders in the UK and regularly supply aircrete products on site.

      • Social Housing

        H+H UK provides masonry solutions to build affordable homes which have been successfully used in many social housing developments. H+H aircrete meets Levels 4, 5 and 6 in the Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH). H+H works closely with housing developers, builders and local authorities to ensure that the aircrete products we provide meet the stringent standards of today's social landlords.

      • Public Buildings

        H+H aircrete's versatility lies in its ability to be used in many types of buildings, not just as a housebuilding medium. With the use of large block sizes and Thin-Joint mortar, public buildings can be erected with greater time and cost savings.

      • Commercial Buildings

        H+H UK's products can be used to build many types of commercial buildings including schools, offices and health care buildings. Our aircrete is produced to meet our own exacting quality standards as well as contributing to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and are BBA approved.

      • Industrial Buildings

        H+H UK's products can be used to build many types of commercial buildings including schools, offices and health care buildings. Our aircrete is produced to meet our own exacting quality standards as well as contributing to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations and are BBA approved.

      • Self-Build

        H+H aircrete is the perfect medium for people who want to build their own home. Not only does it meet all the stringent requirements of Building Regulations, its inherent properties, as a building product, are second to none.

    • AIMC4

      A unique consortium of partners was created to build innovative homes that will achieve energy level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes without relying on renewable technologies.

  • Build with Ease

    In an industry of complex, time consuming and expensive building processes, we take a different approach; we create easier and simpler ways for our customers to build.

    • Acoustics

      Celcon Blocks are an ideal acoustic solution for houses and flats and are much better at reducing the transmission of sound than an aggregate block of the same weight because of their unique internal structure.

    • Design Guidance

      The H+H UK Technical Services Department is pleased to discuss any sound insulation queries. Tel: 01732 880580 Fax: 01732 880581 Email:

    • An Insulating Material

      As an environmentally friendly product, aircrete offers many benefits in construction that add to the sustainable credentials of the project, including thermal insulation, thermal mass and air-tightness.

    • Thermal Linear Bridging

      Heat losses through repeating thermal bridges, such as insulation bridged by cavity wall ties or stud framing, within a structure are accounted for by the calculation of the U-value of the plain element in question

    • Thermal Mass

      The higher average temperatures that are expected because of climate change make summer overheating a potential problem. A requirement of AD ‘L' is that the designer must check for summer overheating.

  • Sustainability

    H+H UK products have environmental benefits in use and the company takes great care to ensure that its choice and use of raw materials, manufacturing processes, packaging and transport are all carried out to the highest environmental standards.

    • Sustainable Manufacture

      H+H UK are a leading manufacturer of aircrete products. We ensure that 99% of all raw materials are sourced from UK suppliers reducing the need for transportation. Up to 80% of all raw materials are recycled products in some form. The primary ingredient is Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) which is a by product from coal fired power stations, which would otherwise be sent for land fill.

    • The Benefits of Aircrete

      Aircrete is the generic term for cellular concrete. The millions of tiny air bubbles trapped within a Celcon Block provide a wide range of benefits:

    • Long Life Expectancy

      With a very long life expectancy (well in excess of the Green Guide to Housing Specifications 60 year building life),aircrete is a durable material that does not give off any harmful substances or require preservatives to maintain performance.

    • Environmental Policy

      H+H UK will comply with the spirit as well as the letter of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and will co-operate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities.

    • Pallet Reclamation with Scott Pallets

      H+H UK Ltd has an existing relationship with Scott Group Plc, which provides a service to our customers and reinforces our commitment to sustainability within construction. This unique initiative continues to work well, with used pallets being collected from many major housebuilders and builders’ merchants.

  • Downloads

    H+H are constantly working to provide up-to-date and relevant information to customers on aircrete and its use within the construction industry.

  • Learning

    H+H aircrete is light and easy to use. The Thin-Joint System has been developed to support and enhance our products. Using the Thin-Joint method will provide a reduction in the use of mortar and mess and also help increase U-values and reduce thermal linear bridging as less heat can be lost through the joints.

    • Thin-Joint Videos

      We have produced a number of videos to demonstrate the Thin-Joint System. The complete playlist or individual videos can be viewed below or you can visit our YouTube Channel.

    • Academy
  • News

    Latest product innovation and current trends in building construction using aircrete.

  • Blog

    Informed opinion around product innovation and current trends in aircrete building construction.

  • Case Studies

    Examples of the use of aircrete using modern methods of construction.

  • H+H UK

    Our Vision: To be recognised as a market leader and preferred supplier of innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient aircrete building solutions.

    • H+H UK History

      In 1949 Celcon Limited was established to develop the uses of aerated concrete. In the early 1950s the development of the Autoclave allowed cellular concrete to be produced in block format. Progress was again made in the mid 1950s when Danish scientists added pulverised fuel ash (PFA), a waste product from coal-fired power stations, to give the product strength yet make it light enough to pick up with one hand.

    • H+H Group Companies

      The core activity of the H+H Group is the manufacture and sale of aircrete, supplemented by know-how and advice on building materials and building technology. The products are sold as system solutions for solid aircrete buildings and as separate materials in the form of blocks, wall and floor components and multi-slabs for interiors.

    • Links & Partners

      H+H has a long manufacturing history in the UK and has developed many important associations in that time.

      • Recommended Contractors

        H+H runs a recommended contractors scheme for construction companies who wish to utilise both the Thin-Joint system of construction and build houses to the RåBuild method. These schemes have been operating very successfully for several years, with more contractors joining the scheme each year.

      • Trade Associations

        H+H are proud to be associated with many organisations promoting masonry construction in the UK.

    • Our Policies

      Downloadable information on our IMS and Health & Safety Policies

    • I House

      An unprecedented collaboration between SIG Offsite and H+H has resulted in a system combining the quality, speed and safety of offsite manufacture with the performance attributes of aircrete. The promise is a watertight shell of a standard house design complete on site in one week.

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