Rå Build Method

An all-in-one concept from H+H UK, Rå Build (pronounced ‘raw') is an easy-to-build package approach to building.  Based on the Thin-Joint method, Rå Build creates the ground floors, exterior walls, upper floors and partitions as a labour-inclusive package without any of the logistical problems associated with co-ordinating different trades for each stage of the build. 

The Rå Build package is suitable both for smaller contractors / self-builders and for larger developers – anyone looking to outsource much of the technical support and delivery required by housebuilding projects.

Rå Build is frequently specified as a robust, durable and cost-effective alternative to timber-frame construction, offering many of the benefits of offsite procurement with the reassurance of the proven performance of masonry.  With technical specifications and design support provided by the technical team at H+H and the build package delivered by trusted specialist contractors, Rå Build delivers a weathertight masonry shell within days.

Cost-saving, superior performance and faster build are some of the advantages cited by RåBuild customers, concluding that the method is a quick and efficient way to build.