Pallet Reclamation with Scott Pallets

H+H UK Ltd has an existing relationship with Scott Group Plc, which provides a service to our customers and reinforces our commitment to sustainability within construction.  This unique initiative continues to work well, with used pallets being collected from many major housebuilders and builders’ merchants.

The Figures:

From a standing start in 2009 of 6,531 pallets, the figure for 2011 was an impressive 96,062 and is a testament to our customers' commitment to the scheme and Scott's management skills.  During 2013, 118,486 pallets, when sent out with H+H deliveries, were re-claimed.  

Now that the construction sector and housebuilding particularly, is in full recovery, we have seen further increases in reclamation of pallets with Scott.  The figure for 2014 was an impressive 132,086 pallets collected, but this figure was blown away in 2015 by a total of 176,212 being collected  We cannot be more delighted that the scheme we have in place is so incredibly successful.  

This initiative is offered completely free of charge to H+H customers and the very unique way in which Scott manages their business ensures that customers are provided with the easiest and most effective methods for collection.  Even though our part in the service is designed to help H+H reclaim pallets from our customers, the operation run by Scott works with all companies that provide product on pallets.  Therefore, not only H+H pallets are collected from site at any one time.

How it works:

Provided the site or yard has a minimum of 50 pallets ready for collection, whether whole or damaged, Scott will collect them.  The pallets are then returned to the Scott depots where they are sorted.

  • Damaged pallets which can be mended
  • Whole pallets which can be recycled
  • Pallets which are beyond re-use, but could be used for "spare parts"

Having determined the condition of the pallet, they are sorted by company (e.g., H+H pallets) and returned to our depot for re-use.  Pallets originally provided by other suppliers and who are members of the scheme are similarly reclaimed and returned to the depots of each company, allowing the re-use of pallets for many companies.

Should you wish to find out more about this scheme, please contact Scott:

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