Sustainable Manufacture

H+H UK are a leading manufacturer of aircrete products. We ensure that 99% of all raw materials are sourced from UK suppliers reducing the need for transportation. Up to 80% of all raw materials are recycled products in some form. The primary ingredient is Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) which is a by product from coal fired power stations, which would otherwise be sent for land fill.

Our manufacturing sites are strategically located around the country, close to raw material suppliers, thus minimising delivery time and fuel and are also convenient for quick and effective deliveries to all parts of the country.

When designing the newest plant (Pollington 2) environmental considerations were applied to every aspect. This included the installation of a combined heat and power plant and an advanced rainwater manag ement system where all water used in the process comes from either a local canal or a lagoon that collects rainwater from the whole site. Waste created during the production process is recycled within the production process.

The raw materials used pose no health risks to company employees during manufacture and form inert, stable and safe products for use on construction sites.

When measured by volume, H+H aircrete has one of the lowest embodied CO2 emissions compared to many other building components.

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