Social media for the tradesperson

Many people are well versed in the virtues of Facebook in their everyday life and regularly share, like and follow new content and brand pages. As time goes on, more and more people are using Facebook as a tool for business. There is a lot of expectation for companies to be on social media and they are often trusted more than those that are not.

The global rise in social media use by the general public has revolutionised the way people make buying decisions, from what shoes to buy to the tradesman they want to build their extension. There has been an increase in the number of tradespeople taking to Facebook as a way of promoting themselves and it’s working, they are seeing a significant rise in the number of referrals that are coming from online channels.

So how can you get online? Here’s our top tips and tricks

Choose a channel that represents the people you want to reach. There are so many different channels to choose from that selecting the right ones for you can seem daunting. You have make sure you have the time to maintain these profiles so it’s not recommended to take them all on at once if you are a small company. Instead you want to pick the one or two channels that are most likely to reach your target customer base.

  • Facebook has the most followers by a landslide and you can reach a lot of people with very little investment.
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  • Twitter is the second most used platform and good for building a brand voice and engaging with potential customers and tradespeople alike.
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  • YouTube provides the perfect platform to show what you can do and how to do it. Videos of building and construction projects are very popular online and you can build a decent following with a camera phone and bit of time.

These are just three of our favourites but there are many many more that may be more suitable to what you are trying to achieve. Take the time to research the channels and pick the ones you think will give the best results.

The key to a successful social media feed, whatever the channel you choose, is content. As well as discussing your skill and services, give your feeds the personal touch by posting videos and pictures of you at work as well as links to interesting articles.