Technical Portal

Our Technical Portal is provided to help visitors to our website to achieve the most efficient designs using H+H UK products, whether for low-rise housing or multi storey buildings.

There is detail on Structural Design when building Low Rise Housing (up to three storeys), designing with higher strength blockwork and Eurocode 6. Also included is information on H+H product, from below DPC to roof level, together with their characteristics and uses.

The Portal and wider website also includes notes on using aircrete in cavity, solid, internal and separating walls.

H+H Aircrete

All H+H aircrete is strong and lightweight and easy to work with. Most thicknesses are well below 20 kg, the CONIAC regulation limit for single-handed, repetitive lifting. They are available for use in four grades.

All H+H aircrete products can be finished with render, tile hanging or decorative cladding. They are available in Solar Grade, Standard Grade, High Strength Grade and Super Strength Grade, complying with European product standard  BS EN771-4 for aircrete masonry units. Standard Grade, High Strength Grade and Super Strength Grade blocks are principally for wall constructions both above and below DPC. Solar Grade offers enhanced thermal performance and is principally used for the inner leaves of external cavity walls and for solid walls.