How H+H Began

Celcon Limited was established in 1949 to develop the uses of aerated concrete. The first factory to produce precast aerated concrete blocks and screed was built in 1958.

It took time for this lightweight material to be accepted by the building industry. However, demand increased steadily and a second plant was opened in 1966 with a third following in 1974. Aircrete products have now been manufactured for over 70 years and yet are still seen by many as a ‘new’ product.

The Company's Founders

The Danish H+H Group experimented with the development of aircrete in the 1930s. However, it was its association with Celcon Limited in the UK that established the product in this country. 

The H+H Group has always focused on wall construction. Its founding partners were a mason (Henrik Henriksson) and a brickwork owner (Waldemar Kähler) who in 1909 formed a company to establish a stone quarry. 

The company expanded to produce sand and gravel and in the 1920s began to experiment with aerated concrete. This was the beginning of the manufacture of what we would recognise as AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete or aircrete) in 1949.

Opening Factories Around the UK

The first aircrete factory in the UK was established in 1958 in Grays, Essex. This combined Danish expertise in aircrete with involvement from a building contractor (Christiani & Neilson) and Celcon Limited.

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