Ethical Business

H+H believes that a sustainably managed business is one that is governed by the highest ethical principles. 
Our operating principles align well with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

3 – Health and Wellbeing; 
8 - Decent work and economic growth; 
10  -Reduced inequalities and 
12 – Responsible consumption and production.

Increasingly, running a business is not only about making money but also about how that business contributes to society. For H+H that is enabling better homes for our communities. That is our purpose as a company.
Stating a clear purpose across the international H+H group creates the awareness that we are working together as an organisation and with our customers to achieve a common goal.

Health & Safety

The building materials industry faces inherent health and safety risks from the heavy equipment used within the production process.

The health and safety of our people, suppliers and customers will never be compromised. We are committed and have the ambition of zero harm for our own and our partners’ people.

We know that people are different. We trust our differences enable us to see new opportunities and be more effective.

We believe the health and safety of our people, visitors and contractors is key to ensure the continued and sustainable success of our business.   

We are committed to achieving ZERO HARM to people, process, plant and our planet.

Health & Safety Strategy

Our Vision describes our ultimate goal to achieve ZERO HARM, wherever the place of work may be. This vision and its underlying principles lead to continuous improvement initiatives and activities in order to achieve this goal.

Safety at work is a core principle of our business, enabling everyone to work in a healthy and safe environment and to embrace its core principle to achieve our ambition of ZERO accidents at work and to building a workplace free of harm.

Our ambition moving forward is that by achieving ZERO HARM we will have grown a culture of safety in our world of work where ZERO means:

  • no injuries; occupational illness; incidents (including damage to our planet) and above all where we continue to target and demand, ZERO lives lost at work.
  • We look to ensure all our targets are aligned to a 50% reduction in the Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) set on 2023 projected working hours.
  • We continue to embed our principle that “nothing we do is so important that we can’t prevent harm and take the time to do it safely” and instill in every employee and contractor a belief that we care.
  • We aim to improve our Health and Safety performance using our Maturity Audit Model and achieve reference level (6.0) in every manufacturing facility.

Decent work

We aim to be an attractive employer and our culture of continuous improvement is designed to support every one of our staff to reach their full potential.  Apprenticeships, management training and supported further education all form part of our commitment to investing in our people and providing clear career progression pathways.

Reduced Inequalities

The building materials industry has over the past few years been improving its record on diversity.  H+H believes in these principles and addresses this by having a suitable policy encouraging diversity at all levels of the organisation, without compromising on competence, qualification and quality.

At International Level, H+H has committed to improving gender diversity within the Board of Directors to a minimum of 25-45% of the under-represented gender. In the UK the business reports transparently on its progress towards greater diversity in its workforce and monitors gender pay differentials each year.

Responsible manufacturing

The basis of our ethical operating approach is outlined in our Code of Conduct and our Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

Every employee is required to adhere to the Code of Conduct which sets out the company’s zero-tolerance approach to bribery, corruption and unlawful and anti-competitive arrangements. It also covers workplace health and safety, basic employment rights, equality, non-discrimination and respect for privacy.

Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers requires suppliers to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, protect internationally proclaimed human rights and sets minimum standards of ethical behaviour.