Partners in wall building

As the building industry evolves, so the nature of the service provided by H+H has developed too. While aircrete blocks are the most obvious output from the organisation, the beating heart driving the enterprise is a profound understanding of what it takes to build high-performing, long-lasting and utterly dependable walls.

Living up to a new promise

H+H is evolving to meet the changing needs of a developing industry. We understand that it is no longer enough to supply high quality products and have developed a distinctive partnership approach, adding value at every stage of the supply chain.

From initial planning through design, distribution and construction, H+H is committed to adding value at every stage of the building process. We believe that that from genuine partnership comes responsive, efficient and reliable customer service. We manufacture the highest quality, technically innovate aircrete components, but more than that, we specialise in the design and construction of high-performance, durable, cost effective structural walls.

Responding to customers

H+H operates across 10 countries in Europe. Our team comprises excellence in many areas and we wanted to understand how to bring that excellence together to delight our customers in every region.

So we asked our customers what they wanted. The answer was simple. Increased efficiency, reduced complexity, genuine reliability. Not more suppliers, but fewer, offering consistent support and valuable expertise.

We are world-leading experts in masonry construction: our technical teams offer proven expertise for planning, design and project management. We are a responsive flexible resource for our customers, available whenever you need it.

Wall Solutions combined with solid process expertise

At H+H we believe collaboration creates lasting value. By understanding our customer, their local needs and industry trends, we can help them overcome challenges today – and tomorrow. This makes us the ideal partner and one-stop shop for every wall building project.

We know that choosing the right partner for internal and external wall construction is essential: it’s a decision that can affect the entire build. And, as true masonry specialists, we also know exactly how our materials can optimise the building process.

With solid process expertise and a complete range of sustainable wall building materials, we help ensure our customers experience the benefits of better workflows, timely project completion as well as increased cost efficiency and high quality results.


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