H+H Videos

H+H is the UK’s leading manufacturer of aircrete blocks and systems, including the Celcon Block range of products. Our aircrete products provide a building solution to meet the performance requirements of modern buildings including homes, hospitals, schools, offices and industrial buildings, with the reassurance of durability to last a lifetime. 

Our product range is created with sustainability in mind: 99% of all raw materials used are sourced from UK suppliers reducing the need for transportation. H+H have three manufacturing plants in the UK and advocates sourcing locally for building product materials. H+H Celcon Blocks are made with up to 80% recycled material, primarily Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA).

The H+H range includes systems designed specifically for MMC (Modern Methods of Construction).

What is Aircrete?

What is aircrete? How is aircrete made? What are the benefits of building with aircrete blocks? This animated video answers all these questions and makes it clear why our aircrete blocks are a first-choice building material for new homes in the UK. 

H+H Foundation Blocks

This video animation demonstrates how to construct foundations using H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks, comparing it to traditional foundations that use cavity construction. Using H+H Celcon Foundation Blocks is often simpler, faster and more cost-effective. 

H+H Party Walls

This animated how-to video demonstrates the construction of a party wall using H+H Celcon Blocks

H+H Spandrels

This animation demonstrates how to use H+H Celcon Blocks to create spandrels and gable ends as an alternative to using timber spandrel panels.  The flexibility of H+H Celcon Blocks and their ability to be cut on-site allows spandrels to be constructed with ease while using aircrete can also enhance a building’s performance. Watch the full video for detailed explanation and guidance.

H+H Vertical Wall Panels

This video shows how to build a home using H+H Vertical Wall Panels. Our Vertical Wall Panels are storey-high, aircrete panels that are manufactured offsite and craned into position on-site, offering a quick and efficient MMC solution.

H+H thin-Joint System

This animation demonstrates how to construct two semi-detached homes with H+H aircrete products, Celcon Blocks using the H+H Thin-Joint system. Benefits include that walls can be built quickly without having to wait two hours for the mortar to set before further loading can be applied. 

Visit our YouTube Channel for the full range of H+H Aircrete videos and animations