H+H and Public Sector Housing

H+H works with public sector housing providers to support the provision of high quality, long-lasting, energy efficient housing for long-term rental.

H+H is committed to supporting public sector housing providers. Working with contractors and procurement professionals within Housing Associations and local councils we support the provision of high quality, long-lasting and energy efficient housing for long-term rental.  

H+H Celcon blocks meet all the latest fire and thermal regulations and offer excellent environmental credentials.

Modern Methods of Construction

The housebuilding industry is increasingly focusing on innovation and new ways of working. Modular construction is growing in popularity as a way of making housebuilding more efficient. Building on our expertise, we introduced our H+H Vertical Wall Panels into the market to help bridge the gap between off-site and traditional masonry.

H+H Vertical Wall Panels, comprised of storey-high panels of aircrete can be used as part of a system-build package. The system uses build methods which are already familiar to the industry but with added efficiency. 

The resulting speed of build is highly attractive to public sector developers, whose overriding concern is often to complete the building process as fast as possible.

The I-House System housebuilding package combines H+H Vertical Wall Panels with prefabricated floors and roofs. The system can deliver a complete, weatherproof house structure within a week.

This system has attracted considerable interest from councils and housing associations who are looking for speed of build without the risk of opting wholesale for an entirely new building model.

Sustainable housing

H+H has always favoured a “fabric first” approach, believing that energy efficiency that is built in to the structure of the house is the most effective way to ensure consistent performance throughout the life of the building.

Cavity walls using aircrete on the inner (or both inner and outer) leaves of external walls can easily meet the performance requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.  

In addition, H+H International has committed to a target of zero carbon operation by 2050. To ensure our progress is reported accurately and transparently, H+H will be using third-party verified Science-Based Targets to measure the impact of our actions.