H+H Online Learning Portal

Online learning is now a part of daily life for most of us, with technology making it easier than ever to find and use online resources. Here at H+H we see this as an opportunity to improve the way we support our customers.

The free H+H Learning Portal is an easily-accessed and easy to use online resource with short, interactive online courses that people can complete in their own time. It has long been an important resource for our merchant customers to help them learn more about our aircrete products and the basics of building with aircrete.

The online hub contains three core learning modules: ‘What is Aircrete’, ‘How Aircrete is Used’ and ‘Benefits of Aircrete for Separating Walls’. The in-depth learning modules are designed to clarify and demonstrate the benefits and uses of aircrete in housebuilding.

Aircrete is a lightweight masonry material, combining the strength, durability and thermal efficiency of concrete with the ease of use that comes with a lighter material, easy to cut and work on site.

The five minute e-learning courses define the characteristics and performance of aircrete; the range of applications for aircrete products; the difference between separating and flanking walls; the thermal and acoustic benefits of using aircrete and the role of Robust Details and how they can meet Building Regulation requirements.

The learning modules sit alongside news, product literature and information about H+H in addition to further resources and videos including one detailing our sustainability credentials, making it a one-stop-shop for everything aircrete.

The H+H Online Learning Portal can be accessed here.

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