SIG Offsite and H+H UK


An unprecedented collaboration between SIG Offsite and H+H has resulted in a system combining the quality, speed and safety of offsite manufacture with the performance attributes of aircrete. The promise is a watertight shell of a standard house design complete on site in one week.

SIG Offsite has worked with H+H UK to create the SIG I-House System at a time when there is a demand to increase the volume of house building and when skilled workers are in short supply.

SIG I-House is an innovative housebuilding system - comprising the inner leaves of external cavity walls, floors, lintels, cavity closers, insulation and roof trusses, with the inclusion of soffit and fascia, to deliver the internal skin of a property which is fully wrapped and ready for follow-on trades.

The external skin can be brickwork or any other form of masonry. The system is a one stop shop for clients - with a single contractor to deliver the whole house shell.

The SIG House System incorporating Celcon Elements from H+H


The system is intended for the construction of domestic houses of up to two storey with room in ​the roof.  The essence of the system is to replace the structure of the inner leaf of external cavity walls, separating walls and internal partition walls with storey height Celcon Elements.

Celcon Elements are manufactured from the same intrinsic material as aircrete blocks and have the same performance advantages including excellent thermal performance with reduced heat loss at thermal bridges.

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Celcon Element Technical Data

Dimensions (mm) (l x h x t ) 600 x up to 3000 x 100
Strength* (N/mm2) 4.0
Density (kg/m3) 575
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0.17

*Strength quoted in accordance with EN12602