Mitton Road

Tony Wright considered a number of different approaches when looking for materials that would be suitable for his ‘lifetime home’.

He initially considered using an insulated concrete formwork method of build but decided against this because he felt it was too specialist. Also considered was a Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) solution however Tony wanted both a robust build and easy to use materials, which led to his decision to specify the Thin-Joint method of construction.

Tony decided to use a combination of H+H High Strength Jumbo Bloks (7.3N/mm2) and H+H Standard Grade Blocks (3.6N/mm2) with Celfix Mortar, designed specifically for use as part of H+H’s Thin-Joint System.

The site posed a number of logistical challenges, primarily the constrained size and shape of the garden plot. Therefore, aircrete’s inherent properties of being lightweight and easy to lay and manipulate on site proved ideal for the job.

This was Tony’s first time using the Thin-Joint System. He said: “I certainly liked using the products and found it relatively easy to build with them. I was also able to use up ‘offcuts’ from the aircrete blocks throughout the property – I found it very easy to cut the blocks on site.”

H+H, the UK’s largest manufacturer of aircrete, provides its Thin-Joint System as a combination of aircrete blocks with Celfix Mortar, producing masonry with a 2mm joint rather than the standard 10mm, speeding up the build process and reducing thermal bridging.

The system combines 100mm aircrete blocks with cement-based Celfix Mortar rather than traditional sand:cement mortar.

Energy efficiency is often a key objective for self-builders, who want to make sure their new home delivers the maximum possible benefits for them once complete. The minimal joint thickness achieved with H+H’s Thin-Joint System is ideal for achieving this aim as it allows for maximum airtightness and maximum thermal performance.

H+H Aircrete is the perfect material for people who want to build their own home.  Not only does it meet all the stringent requirements of Building Regulations, its inherent thermal, acoustic and load bearing capabilities makes it a building material that is second to none. In addition to being lightweight and easy to use, H+H Celcon Blocks also have the benefit of high resistance to fire, sulfate attack, frost and water penetration.