Upper Dolfor Road

A self-build, six-bedroom, detached property, nestled in rural Powys overlooking both the Severn Valley and Newtown.

Using aircrete, a certified modern method of construction, main contractor B.W Bellis was able to complete the block-work on the large six-bedroom property within six weeks. Apart from some technical assistance from H+H on working with aircrete, all of the block work was laid by a single worker during this time.

Barry Bellis, Main contractor said of H+H:  “I used Celcon Blocks for my own five-bedroom home. I thought the insulation benefits would be better than alternative building materials available if I used aircrete. The results have been astonishing. I do have solar panels as well, but it is the aircrete that creates the great efficiency which has led to the savings.  A member of staff from H+H visited the site and showed us the best way of laying the aircrete, and how to cut it to the right size. With that knowledge, we had what we needed to get on with the job.”

Products used:
H+H Celcon 140mm Jumbo Bloks were used on the inner leaf cavity walls of the property.

Traditional strip foundations and ground bearing slab were utilised, along with a 150mm/75mm integrated underfloor heating system.

External walls:
The exterior of the property has been clad in a simple but elegant brick façade with corbeled finishes eliminating the requirement for fascia
and soffit boarding.

A timber truss roof was used for the property which was then clad in traditional Welsh slate roof tiles.

Tiled flooring on the ground floor with pozi joists and carpet to the first and second floor.