Wimbledon Extension

Charlotte and her family have always enjoyed living in their Edwardian terraced home in Wimbledon, although after spending lockdown with their two young daughters, they realised they needed more indoor space. The couple decided to complete a rear extension to create more space. Built using H+H Celcon Blocks the extension has made the house noticeably warmer and improved the sound insulation.

The finished extension houses the kitchen and dining area, as well as a large corner sofa. Charlotte notes, “I’m actually pursuing a career in interior design, so I worked closely with Westminster Building Company to ensure the space is both warm and inviting. My partner and I love cooking and dining in there now, and our kids certainly enjoy the extra space.”

“H+H is a big name, so I didn’t give it a second thought when using their Celcon Blocks. I knew I was buying good quality building materials that are light to handle and easy to use.”  “Technically speaking this was a job that required some forethought, as the homeowner wanted the extension to be future proofed for building up a storey. 

Also, one of the next door neighbours was planning for a rear extension to their home.  “This meant that we built a 300mm wall with two layers of 100mm Celcon Standard Blocks (3.6N/MM2) with a 100mm cavity wall insulation and used Celcon Block High Strength Grade (7.3N/mm2) on the inner skin. This was both to facilitate future upward building and to ensure that the neighbours plans weren’t mitigated.” Will Clark, Director, Westminster Building Company.

The floor to the extension was created using an Insulated Beam & Block construction, using Celcon Block Standard Grade 100mm blocks.