8,000 MMC Homes and Building

Our aircrete MMC solutions have built over 8,000 homes in the UK, and that number is building every day.

Adopting modern methods to build better quality homes faster does not necessarily mean a complete change of material and H+H has been at the forefront of introducing modern building methods.

At H+H we offer three systems, all of which fall within the definition of Modern Methods of Construction as set out by the MCHLG.

Thin-Joint blockwork is the most commonly used. Combining large format blocks with quick-setting Cellfix mortar, the Thin-Joint system ticks the box for speed while the 3mm joint both improves air tightness and the accuracy of the build.

Rå Build (pronounced ‘raw’) is the H+H all-in-one package approach to building.  

Managed by the H+H team and working with our approved contractors, Rå Build provides completed ground floors, exterior walls, upper floors and partitions as a labour-inclusive package. This is a particularly popular form of MMC with custom-builders and smaller contractors working on individual house building projects.

Then there is the i-HouseTM system. Developed in collaboration with Roofspace Solutions, i-House combines storey-high aircrete panels with prefabricated timber floor and roof systems. Installed on site by a dedicated contracting team, i-House enables the entire fabric of a standard house design to be completed within one week.

All of our MMC systems are recognised by NHBC warranties, with i-House also being part of the Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme.

It is a common misconception that MMC has to be synonymous with lightweight or factory-assembled timber modular systems. The intention of the drive towards MMC is to improve the speed and quality of new home building and there are many ways to achieve this objective. We are proud to offer three of them.