Aircrete helps build sustainable communities

Elan Homes chose H+H Celcon Blocks Solar Grade to construct ultra-energy efficient homes.

Our blocks were specified by Elan Homes for the internal leaf of the cavity wall of 86 homes being built at its Redwood Gardens development in Blackpool. 

All H+H aircrete products have excellent thermal properties, but our Solar Grade Blocks are designed to have enhanced thermal performance. H+H Celcon Blocks Solar Grade are lighter than other aircrete, which makes them ideal for constructing internal and external walls and achieving super thermal efficiency.

Indeed, Elan Homes have an agreement and have become partners in wall building, ensuring the future use of H+H Celcon Blocks , which enables the housebuilder to meet its goals for constructing homes with excellent thermal performance.

Elliott Murphy, Senior Buyer at Elan Homes, explained: “The company objective is to build homes to meet local housing needs and to create vibrant and sustainable communities. H+H Celcon Blocks Solar Grade meet our U-value requirements under our commitment to deliver energy efficient homes.” 

While the housebuilder has experience with timber construction, it finds masonry construction to be more commercially advantageous. This made the additional benefits of using Celcon Blocks, compared to dense concrete or other lightweight type aggregate blocks, all the more attractive.  

Celcon Blocks are lightweight which means they’re easier for bricklayers to handle and lay as there’s less chance of injury. The blocks are also versatile for cutting and can conform to many size requirements.

H+H provides its housebuilder partners with a range of support services throughout the construction process. Elliot was pleased with the service Elan Homes received in the initial phases of the Redwood Gardens development. He said: “The technical support and customer service from H+H is very good. Our rep, Matthew Compton tends to be very hands on and is quick to resolve any issues.”

Situated near Lytham in Blackpool, the 10-acre site was acquired from regional developer, Kensington Developments and forms part of the wider 422-home Redwood Point development at Marton Moss. Phase I of the scheme has been completed and sold, with Elan Homes currently building the second phase. 

Acquiring this site marked the start of the rapidly growing housebuilder’s expansion into Lancashire. Construction started in February 2022, with the development expected to be complete by 2025.