Build to Rent with aircrete

With enduring demand in the Build to Rent sector, housebuilders and contractors should consider making rental developments sound with Celcon Blocks. 

The Build to Rent (BTR) sector continues to be a bright spot for housebuilders and the construction industry in the face of higher mortgage rates and economic uncertainty, according to industry insight analyst Glenigan.

A recent report by Savills highlighted that the supply of new rental homes in the UK is failing to keep pace with soaring demand despite increased BTR funding in recent years. The third quarter of 2022 saw funding for the sector up by 75% on the same period the year before.

As small private landlords, affected by rising interest rates and the prospect of tighter regulation, pull out of the market there is opportunity for housebuilders of all sizes to capitalise on the BTR market, if they aren’t doing so already. 

If constructing high-quality BTR homes is the goal, then building with aircrete with its inherent thermal and acoustic properties is the smart choice. 

The new changes to Approved Document L that came into effect last June put greater emphasis on building fabric quality and thermal bridging. Aircrete can be used for external cavity walls, partition walls, solid walls and party or separating walls. When aircrete is used for party walls in conjunction with aircrete inner leaves of external walls, it can see heat loss at thermal bridges reduced by around 50%. Reductions like this could be significant in helping BTR properties meet the new Part L. 

Sound acoustics are particularly key for BTR developments where residents are living in close proximity. Celcon Blocks have excellent sound insulation qualities relative to their weight as a result of the closed cell structure of H+H aircrete. This means party walls built of H+H blocks will easily pass the requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations.

Our versatile aircrete blocks also come in high and super strength grades with compressive strengths of 7.3N/mm2 and 8.7N/mm2 respectively. These are ideal for building 3-storey blocks of flats, offering the same thermal and acoustic performance as H+H standard grade blocks.

Aircrete party walls help to build high-performance and compliant BTR properties. With no indication that the BTR demand will wane any time soon, now is the time to plan a rental development with Celcon Blocks.