Celfix Celsius

Celfix Mortar, made by H+H as part of the aircrete manufacturer’s Thin-Joint System, can now be used from 0°C and rising, a full degree lower than traditional mortar systems. 

Approved by the NHBC, the new extended temperature range will enable an increase in productivity during the colder months of the year. Builders using the H+H Thin-Joint System to lay aircrete blocks will be able to start work on site earlier in the day and will potentially be able to work on days that previously would have seen little onsite activity.  

Celfix Mortar is cement based and supplied as a dry, pre-mixed powder in 25kg bags. It has been designed to replace the traditional sand:cement mortar and is used when building with the Thin-Joint System. Mixed onsite using specific quantities of water and applied using proprietary equipment, Celfix Mortar will create a consistent joint thickness of 2mm and starts to set within 10 minutes of application and approaches full design strength in just 1 to 2 hours.

This enables blockwork to be built extremely quickly, and in the case of cavity wall construction the inner leaf can be built independently of the outer leaf, which is normally brickwork.

Speaking about this latest product development Graham Sargeant, Applications Research Manager at H+H said: “The British weather is well-known for having a negative impact on building work during the winter months. Now though, as a result of this latest advancement, builders working with the H+H Thin-Joint System and aircrete blocks will be able to start work earlier in the day and won’t be subject to the same delays.”