Celfix for Speedy Build

It’s the speed and convenience of the Celfix mortar used in Thin-Joint construction that made it first choice for Advanced Building and Restoration Ltd, currently working on three bungalows in Huncoat, Lancashire.

Nick Greenwood, Company Director says, “I find the H+H Thin-Joint System quick and easy to work with. It allows us to build a lot higher, quicker as the adhesive goes off much faster than normal mortar. It’s dry after around 15 minutes and then we can continue to build.”

The bungalows are being built with standard cavity walls using H+H’s Celcon Blocks Standard Grade 140mm and Jumbo Bloks with Celfix mortar. This helps achieve a U-value of 0.21 W/m2k.

A real benefit of the Thin-Joint system is the Celfix mortar which is more convenient and cleaner than using standard mortar.

Nick explains, “With standard sand and cement mortar you need someone mixing and bringing it over to the bricklayers. Large quantities of sand are needed which inevitably get walked over and contaminated or lost. Water gets into the bags of cement – the whole process is messy, wasteful and time consuming.

“We find Celfix mortar much quicker and cleaner to work with. It can be mixed in a matter of minutes and it’s easy to mix just enough to lay one or two blocks if you’re short. I can literally be laying blocks within five minutes of arriving on site.

“I also find that Celfix mortar bonds better. With standard mortar the blocks can come apart if they’re knocked before it’s dry. Inclement weather can also affect standard mortar, it can be washed out by heavy rain or blocks can get blown over in strong winds. The H+H Thin-Joint System eliminates all those issues.” 

The H+H Technical team can be contacted on 01732 880580 or by email: technical.services@hhcelcon.co.uk