Cottages thrive with RåBuild House

Having previously experienced the system first hand, the Managing Director of Hill Bespoke specified the RåBuild method of construction, which uses the H+H Thin-Joint System, on four new build homes in Cambridgeshire.

A division of the Hill Group, Hill Bespoke was established to handle complex design projects for the most discerning of clients. Hill Bespoke uses cutting edge techniques to provide premium housing solutions.

RåBuild, an all-in-one approach to building from H+H UK, takes full advantages of the properties of aircrete to allow for the quick construction of high quality homes. 

Despite aircrete being a well-established construction material in the UK for a number of years, it is still considered a modern method of construction, and is more than capable of producing outstanding results on bespoke high-quality projects. 

The RåBuild house ran alongside conversion of the barns to also offer prestige housing.  The site possessed extraordinary heritage value, as archaeological research confirmed that the timbers within the original barns on site dated back to Anglo-Saxon times. BIM technology was used to create models which were accurate to both the original barns, and the RåBuild units. As he has had ample experience of using H+H products in the past, Mike was keen to use aircrete for this ambitious project. 

“For a number of years, I have been familiar with H+H products, particularly the Thin-Joint System, and I have always found them to be capable of producing high quality homes and properties, efficiently and effectively,” Mike said. 

“By using H+H, we were able to ensure that the building programme was protected from unexpected delays due to poor weather and that the project remained on time.”  “The Anstey Hall Barns development has a stunning pedigree. Laying between Grantchester and Trumpington, we set about creating stunning homes that complimented the heritage and aesthetic appeal of the original barns, whilst providing the modern amenities and comfort that a contemporary family has come to expect.” 

The benefits of aircrete are multiplied in larger construction projects, where labour costs make up a greater proportion of the overall expenditure. The increased speed of construction achieved by using aircrete reduces the amount of labour required, either lowering the number of labourers needed to complete a project, or by reducing the amount of time needed to complete the masonry shell using traditional materials. 

By using the Thin-Joint System and its proprietary Celfix mortar, RåBuild House is able to deliver a weathertight shell within days. This has cost-saving implications for the entire construction project, as delays caused by inclement weather, which occur frequently in the UK, are mitigated. 

A combination of weathertightness and the naturally fast building speed available to users of aircrete and the Thin-Joint System, mean that the work site in Cambridgeshire was promptly turned over to follow-on tradesman, saving resources on labour costs, as well as allowing the cottages to become available for end-users in a timely fashion. 

The quality of the end results speaks both for themselves, and to the versatility of H+H aircrete. The four properties were completed on time and within budget to create a seriesof stunning homes in the Cambridgeshire countryside. 

To find out more about RåBuild House, and how it can help you to complete your project promptly to the highest standards, call 01732886444 or email