Don't Trash the Pallets

Launched at Ecobuild 2011, the pallet repatriation initiative is supported by the CPA, WRAP and BRE. H+H was one of the first suppliers to join the scheme, and within the first year we anticipate that we will have 15% of our pallets returned. Our objective is to achieve 30% in 2012, amounting to approximately 200,000 pallets.

The scheme is extremely simple for our customers. Collection is arranged through Scott ELM and requires a simple phone call from the site manager.

We have introduced the scheme to both our housebuilder and merchant customers and are delighted with their response. Two major housebuilders, having seen the scheme in operation with H+H have now issued guidance asking for all suppliers who use pallets to arrange for their collection and re-use.

Because collection is easy to organise (and free), we are also finding that customers not officially part of the programme are returning their pallets to us.

In a rather gloomy climate it is excellent to see a good-news scheme being adopted with such enthusiasm.  Should you wish to find out more about this scheme, please contact Scott ELM:

Tel: 0800 282488