Easy cutting for aircrete detailing on site


The fact that aircrete can be cut on site gives massive flexibility for custom build projects. This project uses the benefit to the full.

Thermal efficiency is going to be on the top list of priorities for most new self-build projects. H+H aircrete provides excellent thermal insulation, often a key reason for their specification, however, the blocks also bring practical benefits that simplify the building process and make construction easier.

Brian Green’s self-build project in Flockton, West Yorkshire, was constructed with the aim of being as thermally efficient as possible. Special attention was paid to detailing of the insulation, thermal bridging, and envelope penetrations. Due to planning constraints, the build had to be sensitive to existing adjacent residential properties which are 200-400 years old. 

Brian was confident the H+H Celcon Blocks were the best solution to meet his aims but was particularly impressed with how versatile the H+H products were. 

Main contractor, JD Commercial Builders Ltd, noted: “The Celcon Blocks could easily be cut to fit into the adjoining courses and to fit the channel section lintels over the doors and windows of the house. It was similarly easy to accurately cut the blocks to the shape of the gable.” 

Where the joist hangers coincided with the H+H Jumbo Bloks, an ordinary woodworking router was used to cut pockets out of the blocks with the assistance of a wooden template so that the blocks were accurately cut to match the joist hangers. Where the joist hangers did not meet blockwork, a slot cutter was used. 

High Strength Jumbo Bloks were used around the garage door and in the south facing gable end of the property where they had to be precisely cut to fit the shape of the gable.
The flexibility and ease of use of the products made them ideal for use in self-build projects like Brian’s.