H+H adds module to its popular online academy

H+H, the largest UK manufacturer of aircrete blocks, has launch a third module onto its already popular online training academy.

New to the academy, ‘Benefits of Aircrete for Separating Walls’ joins ‘What is Aircrete’ and ‘How Aircrete is Used’ as in-depth learning modules designed to clarify and demonstrate the benefits and uses of aircrete in housebuilding.

The five minute e-learning course defines separating and flanking walls before detailing the thermal and acoustic benefits of using aircrete in construction and why aircrete is the ideal choice for use in cavity separating walls.

H+H aircrete is ideally suited for the construction of both loadbearing and non-loadbearing internal walls.  It creates a more robust partition, adding overall rigidity to the structure, making it less prone to damage and easier to fix to than studwork.

The third module sits alongside regularly updated H+H news, animations, case studies and product literature making it a one-stop-shop for everything aircrete.

To view the new module or visit the training academy and begin learning about the offered products and services provided by H+H, visit http://hplushacademy.co.uk