Anwyl Homes development built with H+H blocks.

Summers Bridge is a new Anwyl Homes development near Chester. The site consists of two, three and four bed detached or semi-detached homes, finished with a mix of brick and render.

Part of a larger 1,500 home development, Summers Bridge is made up of 183 homes all of which are being built using Celcon Blocks. H+H Standard Grade Blocks 100mm were chosen for the internal walls, including the inner leaf of the cavity wall and were also used to construct masonry spandrels.

Kayley Williams, Senior Buyer at Anwyl Homes explained that product quality and great customer service led them to choose H+H aircrete. She said: “We decided to place our order with H+H for Summers Bridge because of the level of service it provides; H+H communicate really well and are a reliable company to work with. Its products are of a brilliant quality and standard.

“Our interactions with H+H are all effortless and it just makes for such a smooth working relationship, which is an absolute must. Overall, they are a genuine pleasure to work with.”

H+H aircrete is a popular choice for housebuilding due to Celcon Blocks being easy to use and high performing. Summers Bridge Site Manager Jack Pickering agrees, commenting: “I’ve used H+H blocks a lot throughout my career. They are always easy to use and often chosen by housebuilders for their thermal efficiency.”

Celcon Blocks are a particularly good choice for the construction of both loadbearing and non-loadbearing internal walls. Aircrete blockwork creates a stronger, more robust partition than lightweight alternatives. It is less prone to damage than studwork walls and offers more secure wall fixings for heavier pieces of furniture like cabinets, bookcases and TVs.  

Aircrete has the added benefit of increased sound insulation. When used in internal walls and partitions it can help reduce sound travelling from room to room, with the best acoustic insulation being achieved with the use of masonry beams, floors and walls.

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Aircrete internal walls