H+H Group Sustainability Strategy

H+H Group has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and to join the UN Global Compact.

The Danish parent company of H+H UK Ltd has recently published a comprehensive sustainability roadmap, committing all its operations to specific performance targets which are aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Perhaps the most significant of these is the commitment to achieving net-zero emissions in the company’s operations and products by 2050. The target and the plan set out to achieve this goal is expected to be submitted to achieve verification as a ‘science based target’.

In preparing to plan its zero carbon journey, H+H has undertaken a life-cycle analysis (LCA) on its aircrete products in order to provide an accurate benchmark against which to measure progress. 

The majority of life-cycle emissions arising from the production of aircrete are associated with the manufacture of the cement and lime used as raw materials. However, this does not absolve H+H from responsibility for the environmental impact of its own activity. 

The company recognises the need both to work with its supply chain to find ways of mitigating the emissions associated with its raw materials and to eliminate all emissions associated with its own production processes.

The Group roadmap outlines plans to reduce its manufacturing emissions by 80% and to eliminate entirely all emissions associated with its transportation. This positive activity, combined with the CO2 absorption of aircrete over its lifecycle and the contribution of the products to thermally efficient housing, reaches the Net Zero goal.

While on the journey to Net Zero by 2050, the company is also committing to reducing water used by 5% by 2024 and, in the same timescale, to reduce energy consumption per m3 by 7%.

Following the model of the UN SDG, H+H has set out four specific focus areas, considering its contribution to: sustainable buildings; climate and environmental impact; safety and people and business integrity.

In introducing the document, H+H CEO Michael Andersen observed: ”We believe that the businesses that succeed in the future will be those that are driven by sustainability.”

MD Calum Forsyth welcomed the report: “In its sustainability report, H+H Group is setting out its direction for the business into the future. We are living in changing times and it is the responsibility of every business to evolve into a genuinely sustainable operation that makes a positive contribution to its environment and its people.

“We are particularly pleased with the objective rigour on which this report is based. Aligning the Group with UN Goals, and taking a measured, scientific approach to analysing carbon emissions ensures that our results will be robust and demonstrable.”

This overarching strategy is a Group initiative and each country will take its own approach to meet the Group targets. In anticipation of this announcement, H+H UK had established a working group to focus on re-shaping its operation to achieve the goals. As each work theme is agreed, H+H UK will be announcing its action plans.