H+H New Block Length

To improve efficiency and in turn increase block capacity, H+H is updating the sizes of three of its product ranges.

The length of Celcon Plus Blocks will increase to 630mm from 610mm, with the course height remaining at 215mm. Similarly, the Jumbo Blok and Multi Plate ranges will increase slightly in length from 610mm to 630mm. A reduction in course height, 250mm and 350mm respectively, will also be made in order to comply with manual handling guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Manufacturing of the updated ranges will begin in August 2014. H+H will begin supplying the new blocks when stock of the existing Plus Block, Jumbo Blok and Multi Plate ranges has finished.

Cliff Fudge, technical director at H+H said: “The change to the sizes of our larger block ranges will increase block capacity at our factory. It will also help our customers as they will now need to use fewer blocks and less mortar to complete a project.

The product names will not change but the product codes will be different. The relevant datasheet, which provides the new codes along with the pack weights and block coverage, is available for download here.

For further information or clarification please contact our sales office on 01732 886 444.